PKRM Launched Our New Property Management Software

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Beginning with the October owner statements you've begun to see some of the improvements we're continually making in the rental office. The new owner statements are easier to read and provide no less information that our previous format. The owner portal also received a makeover and is more mobile-friendly for those who tend to surf the web from cell phones or a tablet. The most notable change to the owner portal is that now you can make, edit and cancel owner stays all from within the portal; a welcomed update from our last version where you could only make an owner stay. You statements will now be available in the "messages" section and we'll be loading all of the 2017 statements in time. As in the past, your December statement will include the year-end figures for your tax purposes.

We're also making updates to our distribution online with the new software. Previsouly we were achieving an online reach far greater than our local competing vacation rental companies and this will not change. The most notable update with the launch of the new software with regards to distribution is that will we be able to integrate with VRBO/HomeAway. In the past this required a 3rd party and anytime you increase the number of variable, you increase the chance for error. While our previous connection worked well, this will work better and by integrating the properties directly with VRBO/Homeaway we'll see a boost in their placement. Second to the VRBO/Homeaway integration, the new software will afford us the ability to have key-level(individual properties) listing on the Priceline family of sites(booking.com). Currently, we have complexes represented on their sites however I expect key-level listings to outperform whenever the condo is able to show-off updates and improvements made by each condo owner.

A great person once said, "nothing will work unless you do" and we're working hard here in the office to be the best rental management company in the Perdido Key area! Great things are happening!

JD Hallam
GM - Perdido Key Resort Management
Broker/Owner - Perdido Key Resort Realty

Perdido Key Resort Management - Inclement Weather Update 10.07.2017

Posted on Saturday, October 7, 2017

Perdido Key Inclement Weather Update 10.07.2017

I wanted to let you know that, like you, everyone in our office is still watching the weather. In our line of work we always like to err on the side of caution and will work to keep you informed throughout this storm.

This morning our county issued an evacuation order for Perdido Key beginning at 6 a.m.. We provided the vacationers with pertinent information regarding the weather via email, text and phone calls to compel them to err on the side of caution with us.  
So that you know how the area responds; the east (FL) bridge onto Perdido Key will close if winds reached a sustained 40+ miles per hour. The bridge on the west (AL) side of the island is scheduled to close from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m..  
Here's a link to follow along with us: https://myescambia.com/news/news-article/2017/10/07/escambia-county-evacuations-explained  
Also, at the moment, we expect that the storm will have passed over us by mid-day Sunday and be north of Birmingham, AL which means we should be in the clear tomorrow.

Yesterday, as a precaution, some Community Association Management companies began stowing away deck furniture in the living rooms and this continued today through around 1 p.m.. These items need to stay inside through Sunday night, but can be placed back on the balcony Monday morning when Nate is expected to be far to our north. This is to avoid the potential of a chair tumbling off and damaging a vehicle or something of the like. Our staff will gladly handle the returning the deck furniture out to the balcony/deck on Monday as needed and in the cases where the Community Association Management did not secure the property, we were here to pick up the slack.
Today we let the guests scheduled to arrive today or tomorrow(Sunday) know that we will have their arrival packets in our after hours arrival boxes, but asked them to please consider delaying their arrival until Monday to be safe.  
Those here now which decide that they need to extend their stay, we let them know that it is vital that they let our office know as soon as possible so that we may ensure that the condo is available.  
The guests who are departing before their scheduled departure date and not returning, we've directed to leave all the keys and pool passes in the drop box just outside our office doors and let them know that they do not need to call our office to let us know they're departing early. 

Currently, the rental office staff was told to head home and return on Monday when the weather has passed. If you need assistance in the interim, feel free to call the office at 850-492-9999 and you call will be directed to a PKRM team member carrying our after hours phone.

JD Hallam
GM - Perdido Key Resort Management
Broker/Owner - Perdido Key Resort Realty

Perdido Key Resort Management - Inclement Weather Update 10.06.2017

Posted on Friday, October 6, 2017

Perdido Key Inclement Weather Update 10.06.2017

While Perdido Key escaped the devastating impacts of Hurricane Irma, it’s seems that we’re not yet done with the 2017 Hurricane season. Currently, I am keeping a close watch on Tropical Storm Nate which now is projected to make landfall west of Pensacola. Although Nate's path may change, I am cautiously optimistic that we will not be severely impacted as the expected wind speeds show it as a relatively weak storm. We surely will have windy and rainy weather, so if you need assistance in making the necessary preparations know that my office will be here to help. Currently there is a tropical storm watch in effect for our area and I will continue to monitor this Nate as it approaches the Gulf of Mexico. Provided that nothing unexpected occurs with the strength of this storm, my family and I will not be evacuating nor will the office be changing any of our normal operating hours. 

Here is the link to monitor Nate's probable future path: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov

Know that PKRM will help prepare all properties before as well as inspect them afterwards as needed or requested, however it is a good idea to know what owner responsibility is for storm preparation and to have local emergency contact information. If you have not yet, please take the time to read this list I posted in my last hurricane Irma update here: https://www.perdidokeyflorida.com/announcements  
My office has a hurricane prep checklist work order which we can have our maintenance staff complete for the properties in which an owner requests. This in no way correlates or replaces what your Community Association Management Company has in place for your association's common areas storm preparedness. 

JD Hallam
GM - Perdido Key Resort Management
Broker/Owner - Perdido Key Resort Realty

Perdido Key Resort Management - Inclement Weather Update

Posted on Sunday, September 3, 2017

Perdido Key Inclement Weather Update

While the Gulf Coast continues to deal with the devastating impacts of Hurricane Harvey, emergency managers in the United States have another tropical threat to monitor by the name of Irma. Far across to our east Irma has strengthened from a tropical storm on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 to a Category 2 hurricane as of midday on Thursday, August 31, 2017. I am monitoring Hurricane Irma as it approaches the Gulf of Mexico and we are making necessary preparations.

Here's a link to monitor Hurricane Irma's possible future path: https://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/atlantic/2017/hurricane-irma

It’s good to have an idea of what is the property owner’s responsibility for storm preparation as well local emergency contact information. Know that PKRM will help prepare the properties before as well as inspect properties afterwards as needed or requested. Each owner should read this list very carefully and take the appropriate actions listed under the recommended section or request that PKRM have these items completed on their behalf. This in no way correlates or replaces what your Community Association Management Company has in place for your association’s common areas storm preparedness.


Remove all potted plants (live or artificial) and furniture from the balcony.
Secure all sliding patio doors and lock each door down.
Secure windows (if applicable).
Pull all furniture and rugs away from doors and windows.
Remove all perishable foods from the refrigerator and cabinets.
Clean out the refrigerator, turn power off and leave the doors open.
Empty icemaker and turn to the off position, including the wet bar icemaker (if applicable).
If possible turn off the water to your unit and leave in the off position until it is re-activated by the association maintenance.
Flip electrical breakers to the OFF position in case of power surge.
Lock unit front door deadbolt.


Unplug ALL electrical appliances.
Purchase Damp Rid or Dow Flakes (sold at pool companies or hardware stores) to help absorb unit moisture if the A/C is out of service for an extended period.
Double check your insurance coverage-be sure your current coverage will be enough to replace your possessions and upgrades.
Locate and know how to shut off the water and main circuit breaker in your unit.
When a hurricane WATCH is declared, make final preparations & if unable to prepare your unit for the storm, call our office to put in a work order request to complete above recommended checklist.
Listen to the radio or TV for Civil Defense instructions.

Additionally, according to personnel at the Perdido Key Visitors Center, reentry passes to return to property owned on Perdido Key after a hurricane are no longer being issued. In order to regain entry for future storms after an evacuation, owners will need to visit the closest FEMA station and show a local driver’s license or other proof of ownership of Perdido Key property. The FEMA station will then issue appropriate instructions on when and how to gain access to the Key and property.  You may contact the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center if you have any questions or concerns.
This is the phone number: 850-492-4660
This is the link to the website: www.visitperdido.com

Emergency Contact Information:

Perdido Resort Management (office) 850-492-9999

Fire … Police….Ambulance - Emergency 911
Escambia County Sheriff (Front Desk) 850-436-9630
Escambia County Sheriff (Dispatch Non-Emergency) 850-492-2444
Perdido Key Fire Station 850-492-1017
Coast Guard Search & Rescue 850-453-8178

FEMA Registration 800-621-FEMA
Disaster Information Helpline 800-525-0321
National Flood Insurance Program 800-720-1090

Useful websites:
Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce www.perdidochamber.com
Escambia County Department of Public Safety www.escambia-emergency.com
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) www.fema.gov
National Weather Service, Mobile Office www.nwsmobile.noaa.gov
National Hurricane Center www.nhc.noaa.gov
Storm Prediction Center www.spc.noaa.gov
American Red Cross www.redcross.org
NOAA Hurricane Information http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/

Newsroom 850-435-8542 Advertising 850-435-8554 Circulation 877-424-0028
Shelters for Escambia County 850-471-6400

For now, we'll keep monitoring the situation and hope that it doesn't impact the Gulf Coast Region.

JD Hallam
GM - Perdido Key Resort Management
Broker/Owner - Perdido Key Resort Realty

Perdido Key Resort Management - What Happens When We're Impacted By Inclement Weather?

Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2017

What Happens When We're Impacted By Inclement Weather?

As you may have already seen, we have had a bit of rain recently here in Perdido Key. A quick look at weather.com, or if you’re watching the radar on The Weather Channel, you’ll see that we’re getting the eastern-most bands of what is left of Hurricane Harvey. I had to brave the weather to do some errands, and as I drove, I noted that many parking lots were quite empty. The rainclouds darkened the day quite a bit and the rain and spray from the road made visibility poor, but despite this it could tell that more than half of the cars I saw on the road had Florida tags. This is typical when our area, any portion of main largest audiences (within 8 hours drive from Perdido Key) or along the Gulf Coast is being impacted by inclement weather.

Not everyone may be aware, especially our newer property owners, but during periods of inclement weather our requests for vacation rentals essentially come to a halt until the concern has passed. In cases where bad weather is slated to hit Louisiana or Mississippi we sometimes seen an increase in the number of calls from those looking to drive out of the path of the storm. Nonetheless, calls from most other regions cease until this all blows over. Additionally, we experience an increased number of frantic travelers with existing reservations calling concerned about the weather. Most can be calmed down over the phone when we tell them everything is fine here in our area, however when it’s someone who has either been directly impacted or is faced with having to drive through an impacted area we often are left having to make a judgement call concerning cancellations versus rescheduling their vacation. While we always have our cancellation policy to fall back on, we also want the vacationers to return in the future when things (like the weather, emotions and their concerns) are not so unpredictable. It’s a balancing act, but we know to expect these calls and to work to put our mutual guests’ minds at ease whenever possible.

So, where’s the silver lining? Better yet, is there a silver lining? Yes, there is in the weeks to come. When travel plans over a major holiday weekend are ruined we find that many consider travelling soon thereafter on non-holiday weekends. These folks under other circumstances where their holiday weekend travel plans had not been impacted would not consider travelling soon thereafter, but they were hoping to get their vacation fix and were robbed of the opportunity. Now, with them still primed for travel, we will quickly transition from pushing a holiday weekend in our marketing efforts to showing people why they should consider a weekend later in September or in October. For now, we’ll work on ensuring that those who are here in Perdido Key right are able to have a good time and begin with the transition to pushing the September and October travel plans in our marketing.

JD Hallam
GM - Perdido Key Resort Management
Broker/Owner - Perdido Key Resort Realty

The Vacation Planning Process

Posted on Friday, July 28, 2017

Travelers go through a process when planning a vacation. First, they have to decide what places look interesting. This is a very general search where they decide whether to go to a beach or mountains or city? Second, once they have a theme for their vacation they have to narrow their to a specific region; like the Gulf Coast beaches. The last part is deciding on a specific destination and lodging while throughout the process they are weighing the different events, attractions, and other drivers which all ultimately lead to a specific vacation home or condo. A presence online throughout multiple stages of a traveler's search guarantees maximum exposure and an increased frequency of being visible to visitors in the research phase of their vacation booking process. The team at PKRM continues to work to ensure that online presence of the properties within the rental program spans across all channels. This includes international travel websites, regional travel sites, traditional vacation rental listing websites, local area-specific sites such as perdidokeyflorida.com as well as more targeted resort-specific websites.

Perdido Key Resort Management - Property Owner Call To Action

Posted on Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Call To Action for all vacation rental owners: 

What is one of the best way to help a vacationer make the decision to stay in your property? Help them envision themselves having a good time by telling a story about a wonderful, funny or memorable stay in Perdido Key.

We are going to begin featuring this type of content online very soon; stories from vacationers, condo owners and locals which help the prospective renter decide to stay in your condo. If they can see themselves having a good time and relate to the narrator, then they're more likely to pull the trigger to make their vacation plans.

You can help and benefit from this too! Here's your call to action:

What is it like to vacation, live and play in the Perdido Key Area? Share your stories with us and we will feature it on your property page as well as use it for the new blog section “Meet the Condo Owner” on this website! We want our mutual guests to know what stories you have about owning and vacationing in Perdido Key. What makes this a place that brings people back yearly and what makes you want to stay? We want to highlight everything and anything that makes Perdido unique and amazing! Tell us a story about vacationing here, ultimately buying here and what you love most about Perdido Key. This is a great chance to connect with the guests and help them envision themselves vacationing in your property. This is also a great opportunity to help remind our vacationers that they are a guest in your home and should treat the property with respect. A story about you enjoying the place will help them to better understand that it's people like you and I who own vacation homes.

Here are several ideas which to pull from:

Through the eyes of a local as kids, as a teen, as an adult or retiree 
Being a winter escapee aka snowbird
Attending sporting events
The historic scene
The art scene
The best dining
Nightlife for adults and kids
Nature lover’s paradise 
Destination events i.e. weddings, family reunions, etc.


Alternatively, if you can simply fill in the blanks we can help put together the rest like an remote interview:

Tell us about yourselves.

Why Perdido Key? 

How long have you owned your vacation home?

Is there anything special you want your guests to know about your condo?

Guest love to know about personal touches you have added and why.

Our favorite Part of our condo: i.e. location, decor, view, etc.

Our favorite thing to do in Perdido Key: ex. we love taking our bikes for a ride down Johnson Beach Road! It's quiet and absolutely stunning in the morning. 

You HAVE to try ___ when you're in Perdido Key: ex. The Bang Bang Shrimp at the Oyster Bar are fantastic! We make it a point to stop by for lunch there every time we come down. 


Please send your story to Katie in our office. You can email her here: EMAIL KATIE

Perdido Key Resort Management Prepares To Launch Guest Texting Platform

Posted on Friday, June 30, 2017

The vacationing audience in Perdido Key which is 30-45 years old is increasing. It is no secret that this age group, along with all those who are younger, often prefers text over email and as time goes on this will become the norm. Large vacation rental marketplaces like Expedia as well as major hotel brands such as Loews already offer text communications to their guests. They do this, because it's what the guests want... 

Recently in my last newsletter I mentioned our plan to develop and launch a platform which allows us to communicate with our vacationers via text before, during and after their stay in a PKRM managed property. That process is now underway. Moving forward guests with a confirmed reservation will receive prearrival information including check-in instructions complete with an address which they can simply tap to launch the native navigation app on their smartphone. Once they begin their vacation they will receive a text letting them know that we're here to help ensure they have a wonderful vacation, so if they need anything they can simply "text us" in the office. The guest will also receive checkout instructions the day before they are scheduled to depart and finally a message asking that they provide us with feedback about their stay. Phone calls are paramount, email is a necessity, texting is a convenience which is preferred by more and more people; we're going to ensure our guests have all three at their disposal so we can work harder to keep them coming back! 

Additionally, I have continued to monitor the level of website traffic which comes from mobile devices over the year and found that recently more than 50% of our website traffic is coming from mobile devices! Think about it. You thumb through your phone or tablet from the living room, from the dinner table and when you’re riding in a car (not driving hopefully!). In today's connected world you're always online and, unless you're sitting at your desk, you navigate the web from a mobile device. Why is this relevant to the new texting platform PKRM is launching? This is relevant, because I will be incorporating our texting platform into our websites moving forward. This will allow a guest who is searching the web and that lands on our website to be able to communicate in real-time with our reservationists right from their cell phone while they're on our website - no download required, just simply using their native text messaging app on their smartphone. What's more is at that point our office can follow up with them in a day or so to help keep PKRM properties at the forefront of their vacation home search. 

Texting is easy. Texting is quick. Texting is efficient and allows our office to provide a better level of service to our mutual guests. We're going to make it happen. 

JD Hallam, GM

Perdido Key Resort Management - Tropical Storm Cindy Update

Posted on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We're here for you during times of inclement weather! We understand that occasionally the television networks make these things out to be bigger than they actually are, so if you have any concerns don't hesitate to touch base with the office. Everyone here in our office is here for you and will be happy to speak with you about the weather here in Perdido Key.

Over the past 24 hours I received several messages asking if condos have floated away. Good news is that, no, they haven't and currently I don't expect them to anytime soon. Yes, it's raining and it will continue to rain throughout the week however this is one storm that I expect we will weather with no major issues to report. 

Also, I wanted to let you know that your condo association requests that deck/balcony furniture be brought inside, we can task the maintenance staff to make this happen. In most cases the Community Association Manager(CAM) will have their maintenance button up the place by bringing furniture inside (this is done to safeguard buildings and common elements) and then we'll have to task the maintenance with putting it all back outside when things clear up, however in either scenario we're here to ensure things go smoothly. If you have any specific requests for before or after inclement weather please feel free to message the office and we'll work to make it happen.

I took some videos this morning and saved them to my DropBox account for your to view at your leisure. These are meant to provide some peace-of-mind for everyone who isn't lucky enough to live here on the Gulf Coast. Be advised that they're, thankfully, pretty boring. 

If you have trouble viewing, send me an email and I'll provide another link via email.

DropBox Link:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n0ofa1o7iz2c2lj/AACRVkFGXzV5oDRX2bfm9lC_a?dl=0

For all those who are in the path of this Tropical Storm, I hope that everything is as uneventful for you at home as we expect it to be here in Perdido Key. 

JD Hallam
GM - Perdido Key Resort Management
Broker/Owner - Perdido Key Resort Realty

Perdido Key Vacation Guide Article Featuring Perdido Key Resort Management

Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The North and Northeast markets have the potential to be huge drivers of swing season reservations. Historically, we've only relied on our winter escapees aka Snowbirds to fill portions of our winter season, but there's more potential now than ever before to attract shoulder season vacationers as well. As the Pensacola Airport continues to ad more direct flights and regional marketing efforts work to attract audiences outside our typical within-8-hours-drive audience PKRM wants to ensure that our professionally managed Perdido Key properties remain at the forefront for these prospective visitors to discover. 

Read the article in Metro.us here

JD Hallam
GM - Perdido Key Resort Management
Broker/Owner - Perdido Key Resort Realty

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