PKRM Rental Policies

Vacation Rental Agreement

This Rental Agreement and Policies (sometimes referred to herein as the “Agreement”) is made effective the date set forth in the Reservation Confirmation Email by and between Perdido Key Resort Management, LLC and the individuals and guest(s) defined in the Reservation Confirmation for reservation and rental of vacation rental property described herein and in the Confirmation documentation. 

By reserving rental property online through our website, the guest acknowledges and agrees to all of the following terms, conditions, and provisions as follows:


As used herein the terms “PKRM”, “we”, “our”, “us” shall mean and refer to Perdido Key Resort Management, LLC and its employees, officers, and agents. The terms “guest”, “you”, or “your” shall mean and refer jointly, severally, and collectively to the primary person listed on the reservation application and documentation, together with and including all other persons staying/residing in the rental property with the primary guest listed on the reservation documentation. 

Reservation Requests and Reservation Confirmation
The requirements for reservation of each vacation property can be different and are subject to change without notice. Review of each reservation request for compliance with specific requirements applicable to the property requested is required before we can accept and confirm your reservation request.

Your reservation request is deemed an “offer to rent” made by the guest to PKRM and our acceptance is expressly conditioned on review of your reservation request for compliance with all requirements of the property requested, which requirements may include, but are not limited to, minimum night stay, advance reservation deposit payment, number of occupants, and other requirements, criteria, and conditions applicable for rental of the property. This includes reservation requests received through third-party booking websites and networks.

Your reservation request is not final or accepted by us until we send the “Reservation Confirmation Email” to you (which will be sent electronically to the email address you designate in the online reservation request). The Reservation Confirmation Email will be deemed received by you immediately upon our successful transmission of the Reservation Confirmation Email to the email account provided in our online reservation system.

All advance payments and deposits due, or becoming due, at the time your reservation is confirmed are non-refundable.

PKRM Access to Property
PKRM reserves the right to access the property without advance notice to perform inspections, repairs, maintenance, or in case of emergency without notice. Additionally, access to the property may be necessary by a Property Management representative if the property is located within a condo association. Lastly, some of PKRM’s vacation rentals may be for sale and in these instances, the property owner reserves the right to have their property shown to prospective buyers with 24 hours advance notice. While every effort will be made to minimize inconvenience to our guests, you agree to and understand that access to the property in the above-described instances will be permitted and no discounts or refunds will be given as a result of such access.

Arrivals and Departures. Guest shall have the right to use and occupy the Property commencing and ending on the dates and times shown on the Reservation Confirmation Email. Guest is required to check-in and check-out according to the procedures specific to the Property, which will be provided to the guest prior to or at the time of check-in.

Check-in time begins after 4:00 P.M. Local Time. Due to our high standard of cleanliness, in some instances, access to your property may be unavoidably delayed due to cleaning or maintenance scheduling circumstances beyond PKRM’s control. We ask for your patience and suggest that you have alternate plans available between 3:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. in case the unit is not yet ready. There will be no discounts, credits, or refunds offered due to late check-in or delays in check-in due to cleaning, maintenance, or other circumstances beyond our control. Your patience is appreciated in these circumstances. Guests who will be arriving later than 5:00 P.M., should make late arrival arrangements by telephone in advance prior. Early check-in may be available for an additional fee, but due to cleaning and inspection schedules (particularly during the summer season) will require special arrangements and a minimum of 48 hours advance notice. Our office hours are typically 8:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Monday-Saturday with seasonally extended office hours.

Check-out. Check-out is no later than 10:00 A.M.. If Guest fails to follow the checkout procedures, PKRM reserves the right to charge Guest additional fees to recover costs resulting from such failure, including an additional day of rent. Guest understands that if the keys, fobs, and passes are not in returned on time, and/or if the Guest is still occupying the Property after the checkout date & time, Guest is responsible and will be charged by PKRM for an extra night’s rental fee and tax, plus any additional losses suffered by PKRM or the owner of the Property (the “Homeowner”), including but not limited to the cost of alternative lodging for travelers displaced by Guest’s holding over.

Published and quoted rental rates are subject to change without notice until your Advance Reservation Payment has been received and your reservation is confirmed. We expressly reserve the right to correct rates that may have been misquoted due to human or computer error.

Advance Reservation Payments
An advance reservation payment will be required at the time your reservation is confirmed. This payment must be paid by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover). The amount of deposit required is $300.00 of the total cost plus Travel Insurance Premium (if selected) for each separate property reserved. The optional travel insurance fee provides you with protection from unexpected events (see Vacation Rental Insurance below). The deposit is non-refundable. If you purchased travel interruption protection insurance at the time you booked your stay and submitted your reservation request, you may file a claim for trip interruption insurance coverage with RedSky Travel Insurance. Reservations made under false pretense of any type or kind will result in the automatic forfeiture of all deposits, rental payments, fees, and immediate cancellation of your previously confirmed reservation. For reservations booked through third-party channels, the respective channel's payment policy prevails.

Final Reservation Payment Policy
Rental charges are payable and must be received at the PKRM rental office forty-two (42) days prior to the arrival date. Some properties require payment of all rental charges in full ninety (90) days prior to the arrival date. We accept e-check, traveler’s checks, or bank cashier’s checks. If none of these payment types are available for use we will accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover). Our preferred method for final payment is a check, traveler’s check, or bank cashier’s check or e-check. If not yet paid, Guest authorizes PKRM to charge the Guest Credit Card on file for unpaid rental charges on the dates payment is due and any other amount due from Guest in accordance with the terms of this Agreement when due. If the Guest fails to timely make any payment when due, or if the Guest Credit Card declines any charge by PKRM for any reason, PKRM reserves the right to terminate this Agreement. In addition to any other remedy PKRM may have against Guest in the case of such termination, PKRM may retain all amounts previously paid by Guests.  
Credit cards are not accepted for monthly rentals and for the safety of our employees, we do not accept cash payments. All rental payments may be deposited into an interest-bearing account, and any interest earned will accrue to Perdido Key Resort Management, as additional rent. For reservations booked through third-party channels, the respective channel's payment policy prevails.

Service Fees
Included in the cost of all reservations are PKRM’s non-refundable service fees. The amount of these service fees varies by property. The service fees include and cover items such as reservation processing, arrival and departure inspections, and 24-hour emergency services. All service, cancellation, or other additional fees or charges paid or payable under this Rental Agreement are deemed “additional rent.” Optionally, our Perdido Property Protection Program for accidental damages (see terms, conditions, and details under the “Perdido Property Protection Program” heading below) is available as well.

Cleaning Fee
All of our vacation rental properties require a one-time departure clean fee to be paid by the guest to cover the cost of all normal cleaning. This cleaning fee is required on daily, weekly, and monthly reservations. If you are staying more than one month in the same property, the cleaning fee will only be charged on the last month of your stay. All fees are subject to state and local sales tax. We make every effort to ensure each of our properties is cleaned after each guest checks out. UPON ARRIVAL, IF YOU HAVE ANY HOUSEKEEPING ISSUES OR PROBLEMS, PLEASE REPORT THESE ISSUES TO YOUR GUEST SERVICES TEAM IMMEDIATELY SO THAT WE MAY PROMPTLY ADDRESS ANY HOUSEKEEPING ISSUES. NO DISCOUNT, CREDIT, AND NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO HOUSEKEEPING ISSUES.  

Cancellation Policy
Once your reservation is confirmed by the Reservation Confirmation Email, all payments are non-refundable and there will be no refunds given for any reason, including reasons such as inclement weather and Guest Family emergencies unless you have purchased Travel Insurance Protection. If you have purchased Travel Insurance through our office, you may contact RedSky to submit your claim. In the event you need to shorten your stay, we encourage you to have purchased RedSky Travel Protection to file a claim, as no refunds will be issued by the rental office. PKRM strongly recommends that you protect your vacation investment with RedSky Travel Insurance Protection. For reservations booked through third-party channels, the respective channel's cancellation policy prevails.

Trip Interruption Insurance
Protect your travel investment. Please understand that we have a strict no-refund policy that no refunds will be given for any reason. Thus, we encourage all of our guests to purchase travel insurance - because any refund(s) will only be obtained from RedSky Travel Insurance Company via submitting and processing a valid travel interruption claim, which requires the advance purchase of RedSky Travel Insurance Protection. Trip cancellation insurance must be purchased with or no later than your final payment and does not provide coverage for inclement weather if purchased after the system has become a named tropical storm. For more information on this comprehensive coverage, call one of our Vacation Planners at 850-492-9999.

Property Damage/Violation of Rules
Guest is liable for any and all damage to the Property and its contents, including furnishings, electronics and fixtures, and the common areas of the Property, due to negligence, neglect, or abuse by Guest, any occupant or invitee (including any extra cleaning or repairs required, in PKRM’s discretion). Guest shall keep and maintain the Property and its contents, including electronics, furniture, and fixtures in a clean and sanitary condition at all times, and upon the termination of the Term surrender the Property and its contents, including electronics, furniture, and fixtures in as good a condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Guest’s liability includes, but is not limited to:

  • the cost of repairs to or replacement of the Property and its contents, including electronics, furnishings, and fixtures damaged during the Guest’s stay; 
  • the cost for any excessive cleaning required after the Guest’s departure; 
  • any non-compliance with the checkout procedures; 
  • smoking in or on the Property or its common areas (minimum additional charge of $1,500); 
  • unauthorized animals being brought in or on the Property (minimum additional charge of $500); 
  • replacement of any keys, fobs, or pool passes that have been lost or are not returned and the associated re-keying costs for security purposes and  
  • the cost of alternative housing for travelers displaced by Guest’s negligence, abuse, or misuse of the property. 

If the Guest has paid the Perdido Property Protection Program fee which will be shown on the reservation confirmation, the first $1,500.00 in damages caused by the Covered Guest may be covered. See specific terms, conditions, and details under the “Perdido Property Protection Program” heading below. If Guest is responsible for the cost of any damage, the amount of such damage shall be charged to the Guest Credit Card. Guest authorizes PKRM to process such charges to the Guest Credit Card.  

Unless you participate in the Perdido Property Protection Program, a refundable security deposit must be delivered to PKRM. The amount of the security deposit is based upon the size of the property reserved; a $1,000 deposit is required for properties with 1 bedroom, a $1,500 deposit is required for properties with 2 or 3 bedrooms and a $2,000 deposit is required for properties with 4 or more bedrooms. The option to participate in the Perdido Property Protection Program or payment of a refundable security deposit must be determined at the time of booking. Online reservations include the Perdido Property Protection Program, however, you may choose to opt-out anytime up until the final payment is due and instead provide a refundable security deposit no later than the due date of the final payment. The refundable security deposit shall be used to repair or replace any real or personal property of the rental unit if damage occurs during your rental period. You will be notified in writing regarding any deductions to the refundable security deposit. All security deposits not subject to deductions shall be refunded within 45 days of departure. Any damages that exceed the applicable refundable security deposit or are not subject to the Perdido Property Protection Program will remain your obligation and will be charged to the credit card on file (if for any reason such charges are not able to be charged to the credit card on file, you agree to pay us within ten (10) days of notice of such charges).

Unless otherwise noted as less, the maximum occupancy for the rental property is based on the following sleeping arrangements:

  • 2 persons per bedroom 
  • 2 persons per sleeper sofa 
  • 1 child under the age of 16 per bunk bed 

Guests who exceed the maximum occupancy are subject to immediate eviction and forfeiture of all rental payments.

Families Only
All rentals are to families only. No exceptions. NO property/unit will be rented to vacationing students or to anyone under 25 years of age unaccompanied by a parent. We require one (1) parent for every three (3) persons under the age of 25. The parent must be present at check-in and must remain in the property at all times during the reservation. PKRM rental properties are closely monitored for violation of this policy. Violators will be subject to expedited eviction and forfeiture of all rental payments with no refund. In accordance with Florida State Statute 509.141, reservations made under false pretenses are null and void and check-in will not be allowed. This policy includes reservations made by parents who do not check-in, and/or who leave overnight during the length of the stay.

Events are defined as any use of the Property in which the number of people on the Property at any given time is greater than the Maximum Occupancy, and/or any use in which any part of the Property is substantially altered by the use of decorations, use of additional furniture, or rearrangement of furniture or furnishings. Additional definitions of events include, but are not limited to weddings, group dinners, sports teams, and reunions. Events must be approved in writing by PKRM in advance of the Check-in Date. The holding of an Event at the Property is NOT allowed without expressed written permission from PKRM and shall be deemed grounds for termination of this Agreement and immediate removal of Guest from Property with no refunds. The cost of repairing any damage caused to the Property during an unapproved Event will be the responsibility of the Guest, and will be charged to the Guest Credit Card. There is no coverage within the Perdido Property Protection Program for unauthorized Events as they are intentional acts causing damage.

Pets are strictly forbidden in all PKRM properties unless PKRM gives prior written approval directly in correspondence with the Guest of the specific pet. Having a pet in a property that does not allow pets is grounds for immediate eviction without a refund. Our Perdido Property Protection Program does not cover any pet-related incidents.

Our company utilizes three types of pet/allergen properties for vacation rental use: Pet Friendly (anyone can bring a pet by paying a pet fee and TRUE Service Animals do not pay a pet fee), No Pets (guests may not bring pets to the owner’s property, but the owners might, however, TRUE Service Animals are allowed and do not pay a pet fee), and Animal Free (the property is guaranteed to be free any pet allergens for all guests and the owner, animals are never allowed, Service Animals are not permitted per the law). Unless otherwise noted online, the properties we manage are designated as Animal Free. In the properties where we know that the property owner brings their own furry loved ones, the designation is changed from Animal Free to No Pets. 
When a property is an "Animal Free" property, the laws protect the property owner from having to endure an "unreasonable accommodation" for allowing the service animal. Our Animal Free properties guarantee the property owner and future guests, who may have extreme medical issues regarding animal allergies; that the property will be free of these allergens. Just as some people require a service/assistance animal for medical or mental purposes; some people have debilitating medical reactions to animal dander or hair, which is why "Animal Free" properties are identified. The cost of bringing an "Animal Free" property back to "Animal Free" status is a very unreasonable burden to a property owner. It can include a deep cleaning fee ($200 to $700), carpet cleaning the entire property ($85 to $500), laundering all bedding; blankets, comforters, mattress pads, etc ($100 to $500), cleaning of all furniture, sofas, fabric-covered items, curtains, etc. ($100 to $1000), and more depending on the property. These items would have to be performed to assure the medical safety of future guests, or the owner, who has been guaranteed an "Animal Free"/animal dander-free environment. They would have to be performed between the last guest checking out and the next guest checking in (usually 6 hours or less), which usually can’t happen due to the time of services required for this work and would cause the property owner to lose future rents in addition to the cleaning expenses. Because of this, we cannot allow any animals into an Animal Free property, regardless of their work, certifications, status, disabilities, etc. The law protects property owners from unreasonable burdens.  

While pets are never allowed in our condominium resort properties, pets may be permitted in select single-family rental homes when arranged and approved by PKRM in advance. When approved, guests agree to adhere to the following guidelines:
Pet Approval:
1. Guests must obtain prior written approval for each dog they intend to bring to the property.
2. Only well-behaved dogs weighing less than 50 pounds are permitted. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate other pets such as cats or exotic animals.
3. Up to 2 dogs are permitted, subject to prior written approval from Perdido Key Resort Management. Please note that certain breeds may not be permitted, and approval is at the discretion of management.
Responsibilities of Guests with Pets:
1. Guests agree to keep their dog under control at all times.
2. Prompt reporting of any damages caused by pets is required.
3. Guests are responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by their dog.
4. Costs for damages are not covered under any damage insurance/waiver policy and will be charged to the guest's credit card on file.
5. Guests agree that their dog is housebroken and well-behaved.
6. All pets must be up to date on vaccinations, including rabies, and must be treated with flea and tick repellent three (3) days prior to arrival.
Pet Care and Cleanliness:
1. Pets are not permitted on furniture or bedding. Guests are responsible for bringing their pet's bedding.
2. Guests agree to clean their dog(s) thoroughly before entering the property. No wet or muddy paws are allowed.
3. Dog bathing, should it be necessary, is to be done outside, to avoid any potential mess or damage.
4. Guests are required to clean up after their dog promptly and dispose of waste properly.
5. All excess dog hair must be removed from the property prior to departure.
Behavior and Compliance:
1. Guests agree to adhere to local ordinances, leash laws, and licensing requirements.
2. Dogs must not cause excessive noise or aggression, or otherwise disrupt the comfort of other guests or residents.
3. Guests will address any complaints or issues regarding their dog immediately.
4. Guest will not leave their dog(s) unattended outdoors.
5. If a dog is left in the home, they will be in a crate and not allowed to roam free.
Liability and Indemnification:
1. Guests acknowledge that the property owner and Perdido Key Resort Management are not liable for any damages, loss, or expenses caused by their pet.
2. Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless the property owner and Perdido Key Resort Management from any claims related to their pet's stay.

Guest understands that ALL PKRM PROPERTIES are “Non-Smoking” properties. Smoking is not permitted in the Property or in the common areas of the Property. Guest understands a sanitation fee of $1,500.00 minimum will be charged if smoke is detected in the Property at any time. 

Guest shall be entitled to park only in parking spaces designated to be utilized by the owner of the Property. The maximum number of cars allowed is 2 vehicles. If only one parking space is available at the property, then Guest may park the second vehicle at the PKRM office provided space is available. Guest is responsible for ensuring that all occupants and invitees park their vehicles in compliance with applicable law and the rules of any homeowners association or similar entity and to avoid causing a hazard or impediment to passing traffic, pedestrians, and or shared driveways. No trailers, boats, campers, or RVs are allowed unless otherwise expressly posted in the property description. 

Keys and Passes and Fobs
Any and all keys, fobs, and/or wristbands that are signed for by the guest in order to access the rental property must be returned to the Perdido Key Resort Management office at check-out. Failure to return these items to your local Perdido Key Resort Management office, or if these items are left in the rental property, will result in the following additional fees:

  • Unreturned keys resulting in rekeying of locks ($100 minimum per lock)
  • Common Area Keys ($25 minimum per key)
  • Pool Passes ($10 minimum per pass)
  • Fobs ($45 minimum per fob) 

Responsible Enjoyment Policy
Guest acknowledges that it is our goal to provide an enjoyable vacation to all vacationing families. PKRM will not tolerate behavior that disrupts the enjoyment of our valued guests.

Guest agrees that the Property shall not be used for any illegal or unlawful purpose. Occupancy and use of the Property in a manner that disturbs or offends neighboring residents shall be deemed grounds for termination of this Agreement and immediate removal of Guest from Property. In addition to any other remedies available to PKRM, this Agreement may be terminated and a fee of $500 may and will be charged to Guest Credit Card if there are any complaints to the Police Department concerning the behavior of the Guest, Guest’s family, other occupants, guests or visitors while occupying the Property. If the Guest or any member of his or her party violates the Property Rules or any term of this Agreement, PKRM may terminate this Agreement with no refund of the unused portions, and PKRM, the police, or another agent of PKRM may enter the Property and remove Guest, the members of his or her party and their belongings. 

All PKRM rental properties are privately owned. While you may not agree with the placement of decor, furnishings, or mattress comfort levels, the current arrangement upon your arrival is preferred by the owner. Additionally, as you may periodically change your décor and furnishing so do the property owners of the PKRM rental properties. As such there may be reasonable differences and/or changes between the property’s actual condition at check-in and the condition represented on our website advertising or in our marketing materials as part of our online internet reservation system as a result of remodeling, maintenance, normal wear, and tear, or similar circumstances beyond our control. While we encourage you to call us if you have any comments or concerns, no refunds or rate adjustment will be given due to owners’ choice of furnishings, fixtures, or equipment. 

HOA Rules
This Agreement, and the Guest’s occupancy of the Property, is subject, at all times, to any rules set forth by any Home Owners’ Association governing the Property use, including, without limitation, that certain Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions recorded against the Property (the “CC&R’s”) and any rules and regulations applicable to the Property which have been established by the applicable Home Owners Association. Any failure by the Guest to comply with the terms of such restrictions shall be a breach of this Agreement. Upon request, PKRM will provide the Guest with a copy of any such use restrictions applicable to the Property that are not already addressed in this Agreement. If there is a conflict between or among the provisions of the CC&R’s, any rules or regulations established by the Home Owners’ Association, or any other rules, regulations, or guidelines established by PKRM with respect to the Property, the more restrictive of such conflicting provisions, rules, and/or regulations shall be deemed to control. 

Community Pools
Community pools are not controlled or maintained by Perdido Key Resort Management. Perdido Key Resort Management is not responsible or liable for any inconveniences resulting from any community pool, its condition, temperature, hours of operation, or availability. In the case that a community Pool is unavailable for guest use, no refunds will be given.  

Internet and Television Service
Most of our properties have internet access available for free either as a wired or wireless connection through their internet and television service provider. Guest agrees that PKRM cannot guarantee the availability of internet or television services, as interruptions occur from time to time that is beyond PKRM’s control. Guest agrees to use the internet in accordance with all laws, and Guest is responsible for any costs or fines associated with illegal use of internet services. In the event the internet service is inoperable, we will do our best to troubleshoot the issue over the phone, but if it requires further assistance, the guest will be solely responsible for contacting the internet provider to address any issues that may exist or arise. No refunds will be given due to unavailable or loss of internet service. 

Phone Service
The Property may not have phone service, and cell phone service cannot be guaranteed.

Air Conditioner Usage
Guest agrees not to set the heat above 78 degrees or the air conditioning below 69 degrees. Guest may be responsible for the repair of damage that occurs to HVAC systems due to violation of this rule.

Maintenance Issues
As it is our goal to provide a pleasant vacation experience, please promptly report any maintenance concerns to Perdido Key Resort Management. Do not leave doors or windows open while the A/C or heater is operating. While Perdido Key Resort Management will help to remedy the maintenance concern, no refund or rate adjustment will be made for unforeseen maintenance issues or failures such as the supply of electricity, water, pool filtration systems, air conditioning, telephone, television, cable, or internet service, or appliances, etc.

Perdido Key Resort Management cannot predict construction plans in the area and therefore cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience arising from or related to construction in the area. No refunds can be given in the event of construction near the rental property or for construction of other properties adjoining or within the complex of the rental property.  

Property Unavailability
We will make every effort to honor the particular property you reserved and/or were originally assigned as it is our goal to help you enjoy your vacation with Perdido Key Resort Management. However, specific property assignments and requests cannot be guaranteed even when your reservation is confirmed. If PKRM is unable to deliver the Property prior to or during occupancy under this Agreement because of fire, act of nature, delay in construction, repairs, unavailability, sale of Property, loss of heat or hot water, or any other reason whatsoever (collectively, “Unavailability”), you hereby agree that PKRM may, change the reserved property accommodation and move your reservation to a different property without prior notice to you and without your consent required. No discounts or refunds will be given as a result of such change(s) in requested or reserved property including moves, bedding sizes/selections, and/or furnishings. Alternatively, PKRM may have to cancel the stay with a full refund of any dates not used, however, under no circumstances shall PKRM be liable for any additional expenses incurred by the Guest for any reason whatsoever.

Lost and Found
Perdido Key Resort Management and the Homeowner are not responsible for any acts of theft or vandalism, or other damages to any personal property or for personal items left by guests in the property at departure. PKRM is not responsible for and has no obligation to store/keep personal property found in a rental property by our staff, and PKRM will dispose of such property without notice, consent, delay, or liability. If items of personal property left behind are found by our staff, and you promptly request the return of these items before they are disposed of, there will be a $35 service fee to cover the cost of staff time to bring the items to a courier service location, plus shipping, to return the property.  

Assignments and Subletting
Guest may not assign, sublease or transfer any rights under this Agreement, including the right to occupy the Property or any part thereof or permit the use of the Property by anyone other than the Guest and a number of invitees such that the total number of occupants does not exceed the maximum occupancy as defined above.

PKRM Agency
Perdido Key Resort Management serves as the agent for the owner of the rental property.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless
You agree to and shall hold Perdido Key Resort Management and you will defend its employees and affiliates, the Homeowner, and the Homeowners’ Association harmless from and against all claims, demands, causes of action, damages, and liability arising from or related to any of the following:

  • Any plain and visible condition of the rental property or any furniture, fixtures, or equipment therein not promptly reported to PKRM upon your check-in (prompt reporting means upon arrival or within eight (8) hours from the time you check-in to the property).
  • Any unknown, non-visible defective condition of the rental property or any furniture, fixtures, or equipment in or serving the rental property.
  • Any actions or conduct, or failures to act, whether negligent or intentional, on the part of any third-party resulting in personal injury, harm, or death to you or any other persons.
  • Any injury, harm, or death to you or any other guest, persons, or animals during your stay not caused by us, including any injury, harm, or death caused by any defective condition of or in the property or to furniture, fixtures, or equipment.
  • Any and all damage to the rental property or any furniture, fixtures, or equipment in or serving the property as a result of your, or any other occupants, negligent or intentional acts, conduct, or negligent or intentional failures to act.
  • Any theft, damage, cost, or expense whatsoever arising or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with the use of the rental property including but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or theft of property which is made, incurred or sustained by you, your guests, occupants or invitees.
  • Reasonable differences and/or changes between the property’s actual condition at check-in and the condition represented on our website advertising or in our marketing materials, photographs, or other descriptions used on our website or as part of our online internet reservation system as a result of remodeling, maintenance, normal wear, and tear, or similar circumstances beyond our control.

You agree to be responsible and liable for any/all damages to the rental property and all furniture, fixtures, and/or equipment in or serving the property as a result of any intentional actions or intentional failure to act on your part or on the part of any guests residing in the property with you, including children. You agree and acknowledge that your credit card or financial account may be charged for the costs to repair and/or replace any damaged property.  

Limit Liability
Guest acknowledges and agrees that his / her use of the Property or any of the facilities or amenities shall be entirely at Guest’s risk for all purposes and circumstances. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, use of the PKRM’s Website and rental and use of the Property is at Guest’s sole risk, and Guest waives any and all claims s/he may have against PKRM in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. IN NO EVENT SHALL PKRM BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LOST PROFITS, REVENUE, GOODWILL OR LOSS OF USE OR DATA) ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO PKRM’S PERFORMANCE (OR FAILURE TO PERFORM) ITS OBLIGATIONS UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, EVEN IF PKRM HAD BEEN ADVISED, KNEW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES OR COSTS. 

Jurisdiction and Venue
These Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and the United States of America, without regard to conflict-of-law principles. You agree that both venue and jurisdiction (including personal jurisdiction) shall lie exclusively in a state court located in Escambia County, Pensacola, Florida. The prevailing party in any action brought under this agreement shall be entitled to reasonable attorney's fees and court costs.  

The services are provided without any other warranties of any kind and PKRM and Homeowner specifically disclaim all warranties, whether express, implied, or statutory, including, without limitation, all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, and any warranties arising from course of dealing or course of performance. By signing this agreement or checking the “I agree” box on the Booking Page or signing this agreement electronically, You acknowledge and agree this Agreement is a binding legal agreement and that you have read, understand, and agree with all terms and conditions herein. 

Credit Card Agreement
I am providing my credit card number as a guarantee of payment to PKRM. I agree to pay all rent and charges related to this property rental. I accept all terms of the rental agreement and accept all liability for rent and charges related to property rental, as well as any damage beyond normal wear and tear during the term of my rental with PKRM. I understand that these costs will be charged to my credit card. I authorize PKRM to charge my credit card for payment of these items, penalties, and damages. I authorize PKRM to use any funds received from me upon PKRM’s receipt of such funds.  

Perdido Property Protection Program - Limited Damage Protection


As a Covered Guest (the person registered and all persons occupying the same rental unit for a reservation who has paid the cost of the Perdido Property Protection Plan) you are entitled to the limited property damage benefits while staying at a Perdido Key Resort Management property provided the optional fee for this has been paid to PKRM. Perdido Property Protection Program (herein the “Plan”) is expressly subject to and conditioned on all terms, conditions, and administrative rules and procedures set forth below.  

MAXIMUM COVERAGE. The maximum amount that the Plan will cover or pay is $1,500 per stay.

CONDITIONS OF COVERAGE. The Perdido Property Protection Program has certain conditions. The Plan does not and will not include liability for damage or theft to property resulting from:

1. Acts of God
2. Intentional acts of a guest, including smoking at or in the property.
3. Gross negligence or willful and wanton conduct.
4. Any cause, if the Covered Guest does not report the damage to Perdido Key Resort Management’s staff before the normal check-out time or departure of the Covered Guest, whichever is first. 
5. Normal wear and tear.
6. Theft of items belonging to the property owner from the property without a police report.
7. Damages caused by any pet or other animal brought or allowed in the property.  
8. The Plan applies only to the direct physical loss or damage to covered property. It does not cover loss of use of such property or any other consequential damages.
9. Coverage does not apply for theft or damage of any property owned by or brought onto the premises by a Covered Guest.
10. The Plan provides no coverage for personal injury to guests or any other persons.  


1. The Plan takes effect at check-in.
2. All coverage shall terminate upon our normal check-out time of the property or the departure of the Covered Guest, whichever occurs first.


1. The Guest must report any loss or damage to the unit/property or its contents immediately to Perdido Key Resort Management staff.  
2. This limited damage protection is void if damage or loss is not reported promptly.  
3. Representatives of Perdido Key Resort Management have ultimate administrative authority.  
4. Mediation is required before litigation.  
5. Each party is responsible for their own attorney fees in any mediation or subsequent litigation.  

Additional Rules and Information:

We ask our guests to leave their property in the same condition as it was found and to Load and start the dishwasher. Remove all food, bag all trash, and place in the on-site garbage area. Ensure that all furniture is returned to its original placement. Return all keys and passes to the rental office or place in the drop box Leave beds unmade and set the thermostat to 80 degrees. Please be aware that all properties are privately owned as someone's vacation home. Please be respectful of their property. Thank you.

A $50.00 lock-out fee will be billed to the credit card on file if a call is made to provide access after hours.

Upon initial arrival, it is your responsibility to inspect your rental, as any damages or maintenance issues not reported will be charged to the credit card on file. Please notify our office within 24 hours of any maintenance items that arise during your stay. Guests will be responsible for any damages or replacement costs that arise during occupancy.

Most guests are respectful of the owners' property, however, if you have not rented a vacation home before please note that the cleaning fee included in your reservation does not permit you to leave the condo filthy. There will be additional charges for any excessive cleaning required after departure. This fee will be charged to the credit card on file. This includes any time taken to rearrange items moved from their original location. (Please remember that, unlike a hotel room, these condos are privately owned by individuals like yourself and the need for excessive cleaning is the result of excessive wear and tear).

No one under the age of 25 may rent a resort accommodation - Active Duty Military stationed at permanent or temporary orders please contact the rental office at 850-492-9999. Curfew time for 17 year olds and younger is 10:00 p.m. Parents/guardians must accompany their children when using the pools and are responsible for the actions and behavior of their children at all times.

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